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How Attic Insulation Works?

Basically, temperature changes within your home happen naturally when in the winter heat escapes the living areas of a home to cooler spaces such as attics, basements, and attached garages. During the summer, the outside heat will make its way indoors to your home’s interior. Your home’s heating and cooling system work to maintain a consistent temperature based on your thermostat settings.


Attic insulation works to combat this natural occurrence by limiting air movement and is an effective insulator. Insulation is rated by thermal resistance known as R-Value. The greater the R-Value the greater the insulating value. R-value requirements vary by region with colder climates requiring thicker insulation levels.


"I was impressed by this contractor, since he pointed out that the roof did not need to be replaced yet. He replaced shingles on a part of the roof where wind had loosened some. He will definitely be on my list to do the complete job in a few years."

Francis S., La Canada Flintridge

"His company had a great price and was the most professional. Done on time, clean, looks great and he had the best options. He also was more familiar with the current laws for the area regarding ventilation.


His crew was professional and they painted everything they said they would as well as moved and reinstalled my TV dish and made sure it was working. Now I can relay about the rain for the next thirty years."


Glen P., Winnetka

"They were very professional and responsive. Their overall pricing and service was excellent. I would recommend them to any homeowner."

Richard J., Woodland Hills